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Essential Oils for Anxiety and Stress

April, 28, 2020

In today's fast paced life, so many people deal with daily stress, and anxiety! If you, or someone you know has found less than the best circumstances for life, then healing the wounds of life may be a current priority! Trust me, I can relate!

For years, I felt like my life was on default... like I was watching a movie , and not really sure how to change the scene! Sound familiar?

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Top 3 ways to keep your Home Air Purified from CoVID-19

APRIL 13, 2020

With all that is taking place in the world, it can seem very daunting to know what to do to keep you, and your family safe! 

Aside from staying in... what else can be done, to assist in the prevention, and continuing on a healthy path??

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite tips on how I stay healthy, while keeping my family safe, all year round, and not just when an epidemic hits. 

With so much information out there, it can seem so overwhelming to know what actually works, and what is just another "rabbit trail". 

My top 3 Tips on how to purify your home environment:

1.   Smudging? 

Have you ever heard of "Smudging"?

 If not, essentially it is an ancient art that is believed to have been practiced by Native Americans for centuries.

It’s the name given to the daily act of cleansing and purification of one's home, office or sacred space; including a selection of herbs, often sage, which are bundled together with string to form a smudge stick before being ignited.

The smoke that’s emitted from the herb bundle is believed to cleanse negative energy and purify living spaces, as well as people and even objects like tools, furniture, and home decor

Smudging is also believed to release negative ions, which has been linked in studies to a more positive mood and many other benefits. Negative ions are also created by the effects of sunlight and water – you’ve probably noticed a wonderful sense of calm when in nature, such as visiting a beach, waterfall or enjoying a walk in the woods.

In high enough concentrations, negative ions can clear the air of mold spores, pollen, pet dander, odors, bacteria, viruses, dust and other hazardous airborne particles.

They do this by attaching to positively charged particles in large numbers which cause the germs, mold, pollen and other allergens to become too heavy to stay airborne. They fall to the floor, or attach to a nearby surface, removing them from the air you breathe while preventing them from causing health problems like respiratory issues.

I love cleansing our home with Palo Santo, or "Holy Wood", it has a sweet earthy essence, and seems to calm any environment, quite quickly! I will also mix up my smudging and include white or blue sage smudge sticks. 

Science shows to get the best results for cleansing your home air, one should smudge daily, for 30 days consecutively.

1. Smudging

Smudging, Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho,USA

Photo credit: Law of Positivism

Click Here to find my favorite smudge sticks.

2. Clean Air Plants

clean air plants, snake plant, aloe vera,  Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho

Photo Credit: Unknown

3. Purify Your Home Air 

Purify Home Air, Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA

Click Here to Find your everyday essential oil  remedies that help clean your Home or Office Air!

2. Plant Indoor house plants!

How simple, yet  most overlooked! Did you know there are several beautiful, easy to grow options for indoor houseplants that clean your air, and even boost your oxygen content?! My favorite are Aloe Vera, and Snake plants. I love having plants that are multi- functional! Aloe vera, is pretty self explanatory; the aloe, for healing wounds, and burns... but did you know that snake plants are the best plants to have in your bedrooms, because they actually emit oxygen during the nighttime, making your bedroom fresh and clean, naturally! They also survive on low light areas, making them extremely easy to handle, and grow!

Other plants to consider for both home, and bedroom, are Lavender, as it can lower stress levels, and calm your senses. English Ivy may be another great option, as it has been known to improve symptoms of allergies or asthma! I personally keep ferns growing all year round, as they are just "happy" and I genuinely love having mini tree's growing in my home! 

I have included a guide listed above to see the best options for indoor plants. Start your planting, I know you'll love it!

3.  Purify, and detox your home air with Essential Oils.

Did you know that pure, 100% therapeutic grade GC/MS tested essential oils,  have anti-viral, anti -bacterial, and anti-fungal properties?! Essential oils were once inside their host plant to help protect it from mold, so they have powerful properties to cleanse your air. When diffused into your home or office environment, essential oils, purify the toxins from your air. Healing Hippie Organics, has made it so easy and convenient to do just that in a bottle! You can mist, and go about your day, or pour them into your diffuser, and enjoy the longer benefits! 

Please connect & share this valuable information with your friends, and family. I believe sharing wisdom that we pick up on life's journey should be shared with our peers, and help everyone "live life better"!

Top 3 ways to boost your body immunity  - CoVID-19

April 7, 2020

Our bodies are so genius! We are gifted with a wonderful tool called our immune system! With all the hype about the Covid-19 virus lurking around, what can be done to add additional precaution, and boost your body immunity during this time??

We have a couple suggestions, and please understand that these are our simple day to day remedies, that we share with you. We are not your medical expert, but thought it kind to offer some of our proven daily remedies, that have been extremely beneficial.

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Top 3 ways to boost your Inner Immunity  - CoVID-19

April 2, 2020

If you find your self wondering what else you can do to be healthy during this chapter in life. We have a few great suggestions for you! Through my 20 years of studying natural earth remedies, I have found effective solutions to what works, what doesn't. I've come across some favorites that I have on hand all year round, and especially when an outbreak hits.

These are great for all ages, and considered safe for you and your family...

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Essential Oils for Aches and Pain

March 30, 2020

Coming Soon!

Essential Oils and Kids

March, 30, 2020

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Essential Oils : Top Tips 

March 30, 2020

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Essential Oils : Made Easy To Use

July 11, 2018

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Essential Oils : How Do They Work? 

March 4, 2018

Do You Know Why Essential Oils Actually Work??

100% Therapeutic Grade GC/MS tested, Essential Oils are the Pure Essence of the flower, plant, root or resin that they are derived from. The molecules themselves are smaller than our own DNA, but closely related to our DNA; which allows their potency to pass through our Limbic region of our brain in only 22 Seconds!

What is the Limbic Region You Ask???

The limbic system is the emotional motor system of our brain, and is responsible for the experience and expression of emotion. It is located in the core of the brain.

Healing Hippie Organics has created Potent Synergy Blends that Stimulate your Entire system. We have Developed Highly effective Aromatherapy Mineral Remedies, that when used as part of your Healthy Daily routine, can improve a multitude of symptoms!

Zen It is our choice selection of the day, as is combats stress, anxiousness, hormonal imbalances, a busy mind, and can assist in stabilizing your emotions! It Ships FREE in the USA Today!

Essential Oils and the Brain, Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA


Meraki, Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA

February 28, 2018

Our Mission is simple... when you feel Great, you do Great! When you do Great, you feel Great! It’s a Gift of Giving & Receiving.

At Healing Hippie Organics, we set out to promote well being, and living with the intention of Loving Life! When you Love life, and live from the heart, you blossom like a flower on a sunny day!

Sharing our gifts with the world, spreads cheer every day! We are here to increase awareness that you are not alone, and that you have Fabulous, Fresh, solutions to assist you in all of life’s moments!

May our Gifts find there way into your life, your home, and your friendships. May you feel the experience of bliss touch every area, and every moment of your experience called Life!

With Humble Gratitude we share Healing Hippie Organics with you today!

How It all Started : Healing The Hippie

September 20th, 2017

So many people ask me, Natasha, how did you come up with Healing Hippie Organics? How did you think of this genius idea?

It's really quite simple... I feel there comes a time in most everyone's life where life it self says... "PLOT" Twist! Crossroads ahead!

For me... it was just that. I found my self faced with a chapter of loss, and despair, and yet an opportunity to grow and become the best version of my self, for not only my self, but for my little boy as well.

It was a several years ago now, when I was dealing with anxiety and stress, finding my self in the hospital thinking I was dyeing, only to find out I had severe panic attacks with heart palpitations, and needed to remove the pain in my life... that was for me, chapters of life that involved my now Ex-husband. (This is a Looonnnggg story and may eventually make it's way to this blog.)

For now, I will focus on the part where, like several million people living life, trying their hardest to be their best... life still throws us curve balls, and we still face daily anxiety, stress, depression, grief, aches, and pain. It was in the moment of realizing that I was prescribed 12 pills per day for my own anxiety and stress; (That's right... 360 pills per month!!) that I knew I needed to find an alternative way to exist, and re-build my life.

And so my journey began... I immersed my self in researching alternative medicine, and continued to find 1 of 2 things... either it was incredibly expensive, or it seemed like there were several people claiming to be professionals that wanted to sell me online courses, or more pills, insisting them to be better because they were natural. I never found anyone who truly cared about my actual well being, or over all health.

I had always been a healthy person, consciously aware of earth/plants as medicine, and food as a healing tool to assist us from the inside. But it was in a moment of self-realization that I decided to put all of my years of research and gained wisdom into an experiment for my self. I knew that most everyone now a days, is mineral deficient, and most everyone dealing with anxiety, regardless of the source of it's origin, are also mineral deficient.

I decided to become my own teacher and guru, and with countless hours of studying essential oils, plants, and earth minerals; and combining a total, of at the time 15 years of health and wellness awareness, I came up with a solution! I didn't have a name for what seemed like a miracle mist to me, and didn't even know if it would work. But "Zen It" was born, and over the course of 6 months I used it every day, most days, 12 times per day or more! My theory was that I was misting/inhaling and misting my upper body with Zen It to replace a pill of anxiety medicine per use, and I would naturally wean my self off all of the prescriptions.

The science behind how this works is quite simple. When inhaled directly through the nose, "Zen It" will reach the limbic region of our brain in 22 seconds! It starts immediately assisting our fight or flight response mechanism, and allows our nervous system to start calming down. When applied to the skin, specifically your ears, throat, and upper chest and heart area, it is able to absorb into the blood with in 22 minutes. This allows for an extended overall balance of calmness and sense of ease for our nervousness and anxiety.

It has been almost six years ago now that I was desperate for a solution to help my anxiety, stress. depression, grief from loosing everything... in the material sense; that I can look back and feel a presence of gratitude for where life is leading me. I now help wonderful people everyday with their life's issues. I feel honored and humbled to do what I do; and to have the most amazing results from real life people, looking for a simple, affordable solution to Life's curve balls.

To date, I use Zen it and Muscle mist, and really all of the remedies that are part of the Healing Hippie Organics collection, daily to assist with my over all well being and balancing of life.

It took me 6 months to get off ALL of my anxiety prescriptions, and regain my strength to get out and face the world head on!

I am thrilled to be a part of your lives, and thankful that our journey's have connected here in this moment of time in the crossroads we call life. So, Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for taking time to read just the very beginning of how Healing Hippie Organics got it's humble start. I look forward to assisting you, and your friends and family with the most important journey of all... the journey to self- love, and discovering your truth.

*If you, or someone you know suffers from anxiety, stress, hormone imbalances, grief, aches, or pains... and really several more of life's symptoms, please pass Healing Hippie Organics along to them, so they may start on their own personal healing journey.

If you have any questions, or would like to learn or know more about how to use the Healing Hippie Organic products, please send a personal note through on our Facebook page or here on our site.

Have a Happy Hippie Day! ~ Natasha Noelle ~ The Healing Hippie 

Natasha - Founder of Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA
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