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Essential Oils for Anxiety & Stress

Essential Oils for Stress, Anxiety, Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA

In today's fast paced life, so many people deal with daily stress, and anxiety! If you, or someone you know has found less than the best circumstances for life, then healing the wounds of life may be a current priority! Trust me, I can relate! 

For years, I felt like my life was on default... like I was watching a movie , and not really sure how to change the scene! Sound familiar?

I journeyed through life as always being known as the "peace keeper", and the "strong one"; but inside I was a complete mess! I can look back now, and realize that I was blessed with the gift of life experience, and that some how all this experience may help other's along their path. It is my intent to offer my soul's calling that not only saved my life, but, has now helped thousands of everyday people living through life's ups and downs. 

Regardless of what is your now moment experience, you can depend on the fact that life is always evolving, and growing for you. When you truly decide to make the journey inward, life will meet you with a new path. 

For me, I was in a spot of total loss, and really not sure what direction was up. It was in my darkest moment, that my path found me with with a beacon of light, and Healing Hippie Organics was born.

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If you suffer from anxiety attacks, or are just full of mind stress, grief, or depression, there is hope, and an easy solution for you to start using immediately. 

I find that there are many people who love the concept of essential oils, and the natural healing that can occur from inviting nature's remedy's into your life; but most often, you are not getting the full spectrum of healing opportunity that lies with in the different gifts each plant gives, for lack of knowing how to use them properly. That is where Zen It, comes, in. 

Zen It, is a powerhouse of highly vibrating essential oils, that have been combined with trace minerals, and organic aloe vera, and the knowledge of how to synergize each plant component to best play together.

In easy terms, we take the guess work out of "how to use" or how to blend our 100% Therapeutic Grade essential oils for your immediate benefit, and relief.

lavender, patchouli, sage, essential oils for stress, zen it, healing hippie organics, Boise, Idaho

Zen It, is composed of several proprietary, therapeutic grade, steam distilled, plant essential oils. 

Lavender has long been known for it's calming properties, and relief of mental stress, allowing clarity in times of uncertainty. It is one of many included in our famous blend. 

We have focused our attention on the notes of each individual plant, and combined them in a way where Zen It, is totally balanced for the chakra system, mind, body, emotions, and soul!

Most everyone is mineral deficient in some form. We have combined an infusion of 84 trace minerals into each and every bottle of Zen It! 

Organic Aloe Vera is another important component in our zen it, and having just the right amount is crucial. It not only allows a nice transfer of Zen It into your skin, it purifies the air around you!

In closing, if you or someone you know has been struggling with anxiety, or stress, grief, or depression, they can now get help with the ease of Zen It! We have it available today with FREE shipping! Be sure to get in on our daily sale!

If you have any questions on Zen It, or stress, and anxiety relief, please message us directly, and connect with us of Facebook and Instagram for daily wisdoms, and inspiration.

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