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Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA
Roll Away A Bad day with Eeez It Pain Roller & Zen It Stress relief Roller, Healing Hippies Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA

Roll Away A Bad Day!

Eeez It - Pain Relief Blend

& Zen It - Stress & Anxiety Relief Blend

Eeez It, and Zen It -   "on the go"   Roller ball blends, were sought after by our Healing Hippie Organics customers! They wanted to take our famous pain, stress, & anxiety relief with them in a convenient, travel approved, every day use, mini version!

We have answered your request, and have our powerful remedies now available with all the same benefits to the larger versions!

Every Day Pain, Stress, & Anxiety Relief in a convenient  -  "On the Go" Roller Applicator

Eeez It Pain Blend, Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA

Eeez It - Pain & Arthritis Relief  Roller Blend : 10ml

Due to Muscle Mist being a popular solution for pain relief. I wanted to create a powerful, "Just The Oils" of Muscle Mist blend.

So the proprietary blend of therapeutic Essential oils from Muscle Mist,

is concentrated and is the combination in Eeez It!

That's right... All the Therapeutic Essential oil in an 8oz bottle of Muscle Mist, is in this Roller ball, in it's concentrated from!

To make it even better, Turmeric, Ginger, Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Seed oil, and Jojoba oil are the main Boosters in this Roll on Pain Relief solution!

There are over 15 different pain relieving, 100% Therapeutic grade GC/MS tested essential oils in every Eeez it roller!

The original intent for the Eeez It roller was to be a partner to Muscle Mist, and meant to assist those super painful spots on your body, or with headaches.

Just roll on temples, back of neck, Hands for arthritis, Stomach for Inflammation, or any other "Spot" of pain.

* Avoid All Contact with Eyes, as this will irritate. 

What Eeez - It can help You with:

Try If you Suffer From:

All Forms of Body, Bone, and Joint Pain, Fibromayalgia, Migraines,Headaches, Diabetic Nerve Pain, Multiple Sclerosis - Body Pain, 

Arthritis Pain - Especially in hands and feet,

Growing Pains (Kids),  Neck Tension,  Ligament pain, Back Injury, Hip displacement pain, Sciatica Relief,  Body Stress, Torn Muscles & Ligaments. 

Zen It Roller Blend, Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA

Zen It - Stress & Anxiety Relief Roller Blend : 10ml

Our famous Zen It - in a mini, everyday travel size! Perfect for your purse or travel bag. It comes in a roll on, roller-ball applicator for easy use. Great for Adults, and Kids!!

We have combined our powerful Zen It recipe with Organic - cold pressed, hemp and jojoba, as a perfect carrier to not only absorb fast, but nourish your skin with B-Vitamins!

This mini packs a packs a powerhouse of 100% Therapeutic grade GC/MS tested essential oils, and is the equivalent of an 8oz Large Zen It - Mineral mister blend!

Zen It, Is our customer favorite for assisting with stress & anxiety releif. It has been created to assist with many of life's issues including grief, ADHD, and autism in kids or adults. 

We are passionate about helping you live life better, and Zen It, does just that! 

It has been carefully crafted to assist in balancing hormones, and the energy centers in the body known as Chakras.

Yes... It is powerful! :)

What Zen It - Can help you with:

Try If you Suffer From:

Anxiety, Stress, Racing Mind or Thoughts, Depression, Hot Flashes, ADHD, Every day stress, Agitation, Headaches caused from Daily Overload, Melt away your worries, Balance, Calm, and restore the mind, Boost Dreary Emotions, Inspire Creativity, Self Worth, Peace, Joy, Relieve Scattered Thoughts, Promote focus and Clarity, Relaxation throughout your daily routine, Sleeplessness due to hormones, Balancing hormones, Stimulate your Mind, Overall Mood enhancer, Combats Fatique, Calms Emotions, Ease Nerve Tension, Mental Clarity,  Relieve Nausea, Combat Negative Emotion.

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