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Customer Reviews

Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA

Thank you for the BEST PRODUCTS!!! Last year I found you at the Eagle Market after a long week working at a local camp. 

My neck/shoulder muscles were so tight! You said you could help me with that and spritzed Zen It on my chest and Muscle Mist on my neck and shoulders. I thought it was “nice” and went back to walking through the market with my friend and sister. Five minutes passed and I realized ALL the tightness was GONE and I felt great! 

So I rushed back to your booth and bought both the Muscle Mist and Zen It! I have been using them ever since.

Since my husband doesn’t do social media I’ll share his story. After coming home from the market I placed the Muscle Mist on our bathroom counter. About a half hour passed and he came walking into the Living Room asking “what manner of voodoo did you buy?” I wasn’t sure how to answer the question because I didn’t know if he liked it or not. He went on to say he spritzed his shoulders with the Muscle Mist and for the first time in years his shoulders didn’t hurt anymore! Needless to say he wanted to purchase more!

DeAnn Slaughter‎ to Healing Hippie Organics

April 8, 2020

Ok..... Natasha and her amazing essential oil blends have been a game changer for me, and my family! I have Loved soo many of her concoctions and cant quit talking about them.....

I now have my boyfriend, my dad and my sister all using her stuff!!

Sleepy time is an amazing blend of oils that smells Sooo good!!!

 It helps me shut down the day and get great sleep ;) I also love adding it to my diffuser!!!

Zen it - I use throughout the day as a nice reminder to chill out!

Muscle mist has been amazing for the obvious muscle issues, but the real star here.... my daughter sprays it on her belly when she gets cramps! Warm massages and muscle mist!!!!

I haven't even tried everything yet, but you cant go wrong with these Super Awesome products!!!

Love love love healing hippie!!!

‎Jenna Snider‎ to Healing Hippie Organics

April 7, 2020

Hi Everyone! My name is Janet Smith. I am a Facilitator for the Arthritis Foundation LiveYes! Connect Group. I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 37 years. My RA is considered severe. I deal with pain continuously. I tell you all this about me so you will understand the how valuable being free of stress, having a good nights sleep and being able to have a positive attitude. I have tried numerous essential oils both cheap and very expensive and had found no relief. 

Last summer, I attended a street fair type of event. I happened upon a woman selling essential oils. I spent about 20 minutes talking to her about the products she sells although I had no interest in trying another hyped up essential oil product. The woman was very knowledgeable about the oils and I found the stories she told of the successful effects of her oils to be totally unbelievable. 

She was quite like-able and seemed sincere. She asked what I had used oils for in the past and I told her my number one concern was relaxation, restful sleep and calmness. As anyone knows, a person in constant pain is, for the lack of a better description, very cranky, perhaps depressed, which causes more pain. I was offered the opportunity to try the Zen It. I was immediately attracted to the scent. And she was very persuasive and hard to say no to so I bought a small amount of Zen It in a bottle with a roll on top. When I used the product, I realized that it calmed me, reduced my pain and noticeably changed my attitude. I kept using it, again, mostly because if my attraction to the scent and how I just seemed to feel better. 

But, one day, my friend asked if I was on new meds because I seemed less tense and happier. I didn't think much of her statement but I realized I did feel better. I was less stressed and in less pain overall. 

However, I didn't really become a believer until one day, when I was very cranky with my husband, he asked me if I was wearing my essential oil. He said that since I bought that "stuff" (his words) that I had been nicer, calmer and less stressed. 

I cannot express the degree of change in my overall attitude and happiness that I have experienced since I started using Zen It. I put it on before bed and have been getting restful sleep. I use it in the morning and it helps me start my day with a happier and more positive outlook. Now I cannot say that will be what you experience, but I can assure you that it is worth a try

Please let me know if you try it and what effect is has on you.

‎Janet Smith‎ to Healing Hippie Organics

March 4th 2020

"I really love the Muscle Mist. It helps to relieve the aches and pains of RA -  (Rheumatoid Arthritis)

Thank you so much."

‎Willene Edgar‎ to Healing Hippie Organics

March 21st, 2020

" My family loves the sleepy time spray! Use it to curb anxiety and right before bed I use it in my daughter's room. A couple sprays in a bubble bath is a perfect toddler tamer! Will be getting again!! "

Jennifer Goodwin To Healing Hippie Organics

Boise,Idaho, USA


What our customers are saying

I believe at some point in our lives we all experience something that can be life changing in a very powerful, and good way. Sometimes it is someone, and sometimes it is that someone you meet that shares with you things that you will be forever grateful for. When I first met Natasha, I did not have a clue that she would touch my life and heart with such an impact that I will be forever thankful to her for.

She has taken time out of her busy life to share so many things that have helped me in my journey. Natasha has a heart to help others and she also has the ability to create products that will help others to reach their goals.

As the founder of "Healing Hippie Organics", she has created so many different products that are available to anyone to use in helping us all become healthier, and at a cost that is affordable. I know it is very difficult to find a product that fits in our budget and will bring healing to our body's. She has given me both of those and she has spent several hours of her time helping me through the process as well.

We all have a different journey and different goals. I love that not only does she point you in the right direction, with a heart that is wanting to see you find answers to whatever it is you need, but she is available to answer any questions of concern. That is a "BIG DEAL". Customer service to me is always going to be a priority over price and Natasha has given me both.

I have struggled for years and years with some personal health issues, and spent thousands of dollars looking for answers. I believe that achieving a healthy lifestyle is not just doing one or two things. It does require discipline. Exercise (and that is a personal choice of what is good for you and your body), sleep and rest, and what we eat all contribute to our well being, or in some cases the opposite leaving us open to sickness. Then we have our minds that really play in my opinion the biggest part of all in who we are, and our happiness and outlook on life. Life itself is never fair, and can be difficult, but when we are educated and have help from someone like Natasha, I believe that we can all become the best version of "US".

I hope you take some time to meet her and try her amazing products. If you are not sure, then ask Natasha and she will guide you, like she did me; to what will help you feel and look better. Just schedule some time to spend with her and that alone will make an impact on your mind and inner being. Priceless if you ask me. "

With a grateful heart

Carrie C.

Boise, Idaho, USA

October 16, 2019

" Just wanted to give my testimonial for the Muscle Mist. 

Late last fall I tore my meniscus. Like all guys I thought “nah this will heal up on its own”. Lol. Nope! It just got worse and worse.

I found myself in a fair amount of pain and discomfort while workers comp slow walked the inevitable surgery through bureaucratic red tape.

Over several months I must have bought every brace, splint, copper infused "as seen on tv" device I could find. Still no relief and surgery, at that time was still three months away. That’s when Natasha introduced me to her Muscle Mist! I was blown away at how great it smelled the first time I used it. I sit in a car sometimes for hours at my job and normally I’d get super stiff and have to stop and do the old guy walk around my car and stretch every time I got out. Not a good position to be in my line of work (police officer)!

After just a few days of using the Muscle Mist I noticed a dramatic difference in the stiffness of my knee. After a week my coworkers stopped making fun of me for being old since they were no longer listening me complain, make old man noises, and moan about my knee! 😁. There is no doubt that the Muscle Mist gave me the needed relief to make it through to my surgery and still be able to do my job every day!!

After surgery I continued to use the Muscle Mist and my recovery went extremely smooth!! 

Natasha, your products are legit! Thank you!!!!! "

Jeff Dustin to Healing Hippie Organics

Boise, Idaho

May 24, 2019

" It's not often (or ever) I give reviews. However I've found these products to be very beneficial and I love it. 

I use the muscle mist often, and have been able to stop taking Ibuprofen like Skittles. 

Works great on my aches, pains, & migraines

The Zen it, I've started using, and I am a firm believer in it. It's now part of my bedtime routine & use it on a regular basis. I keep trying more of these products and have never been disappointed by them. 

Natasha is outstanding, really knows her product, stands by it proudly, and ensures the quality and effectiveness along with the knowledge to provide to the customer. 

Keep up the good work, you have great products & I highly recommend them. "

‎Jesse Atwell‎ to Healing Hippie Organics

Boise, Idaho

March 10, 2019

More from our customers...

" Just a quick shout out to Healing Hippie Organics. I have an 11 year old that has bad social anxiety. I have tried a few different remedies, and heard about Zen it. My daughter has been using Zen it and Loves it. It has been such a huge help. She is enjoying her first year at Middle School. She knows when she needs it, and carries it with her always. Now she says she needs sprayed, just to smell wonderful because the sent is amazing as well.

Thank you for helping my girl enjoy things that she use to be anxious about. I also use the Zen it and the Muscle Mist. You are such a blessing!! "

Holli L.  To Healing Hippie Organics

Middleton, Idaho

August 27, 2019

" I recently downsized, sold my home in San Antonio TX, and moved to Boise to be close to family. I have two dogs who are rescues, and I have had them since they were 8 weeks old in the same house. Well, the whole process was very stressful for the little girl, she lost about 14 pounds altogether and I had to put her on anxiety meds before I left San Antonio. 

We made the 3 days 11 hours each day trip and moved into a condo. I went to the Saturday Market in Eagle and found Healing Hippie Organics. Natasha was so helpful and recommended Puppy Zen and Zen it for me! She explained the product in detail. Told me the science. I bought it and we have been using it for about a month and a half. Harley has put on 5 lbs and is off her prescription meds and I am feeling less anxious even while looking for a job! This product works, & smells wonderful! 

Thank you,😊 Natasha, for helping us through our transition!! "

Roxanne Coleman To Healing Hippie Organics's

Boise, Idaho

August 20, 2019

" I bought my first purchases at the Eagle Saturday Market a year ago....these five products:

 • Eucalyptus SpearaMist • Allergen Buster • Muscle Mist • Zen It • Cracked Pumpkin Meringue Body Butter.

Each have played a vital part in making me feel refreshed in the morning or evening or in between. They each or in combination give a new energy level or calmness. In fact when I go to bed, I’ll spray the first three all in my face and chest... one after the other and I sleep so well. After a 25 mile bike ride, my husband came back looking a bit out of sorts with the high temperatures this summer so … I spritzed him with the eucalyptus SpearaMist, Allergen Mist, and targeted various muscles with the Muscle Mist ending with an overall halo of the Zen It. His comment was “WOW” that feels tons better

It’s nice to know these products are all natural and the best combination with a schooled mind behind them. Thank you for advancing for a happy healing body for all."

Lettie to Healing Hippie Organics

Boise, Idaho

July 25, 2019

What our customers are saying

" Your stuff is amazing and the best part is it's for guys too. I use your Zen It, and Allergen Buster all the time "

‎Shaun Burnett‎ to Healing Hippie Organics

Boise, Idaho

March 10, 2019

Muscle Mist, Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA

The power of essential oils is evident in Muscle Mist! I have been a long time (21 years) sufferer of Fibromyalgia like symptoms, muscle tightness, headaches, unexplained all over body pain. And even though I eat pristinely clean on a strict vegan, plant -based, whole food diet, I work hard and sometimes can’t control my symptoms no matter how much sleep and proper nutrition I get. I hold down two jobs and one is very labor intensive. 

Back in July, Natasha saved the day, she saw me walk by during set-up at the Saturday Market, I was holding my neck and trying to poke at the muscles that were as hard as rocks in my shoulders, she covered me in muscle mist and sent me on my way, 10 minutes later, just 10 minutes and I wasn’t hurting at all, 

Just 10 minutes later and I wasn’t hurting at all,

I was convinced, I made my purchase. 

Ever since, Muscle Mist has worked its way into my every day self-care routine.

Not only does the magnesium help to relieve my muscle tension, the scent is like a spa and in general just relaxes me, mentally and physically. 

I keep it on the coffee table and use it nightly, I keep one on my work desk and as the tension builds throughout the day or I get overwhelmed, I spray it on my neck and back and hips and calves (where ever I have any discomfort).

 Natasha doesn’t just use quality ingredients, I over hear her talking to customers all day long, she puts positive energy and caring into every product she makes!

 I know that healing and health is more than just a pill or a potion, it’s a mindset and Muscle Mist is a tool in that journey.

Misty LaChapelle to Healing Hippie Organics

Eagle, Idaho

September 18, 2018

Muscle Mist Review

" I have been using Muscle Mist for several weeks. I have arthritis in my spine and have been through physical therapy (which did help), but still had lingering pain which limited my ability to do many of the things I enjoy. After starting Muscle Mist, I noticed a great improvement. 

I am almost back to a pre-diagnosis condition.

I also took a sample to my sister, who suffers from a debilitating back condition. It has helped her immensely. I am mailing her a bottle of Muscle Mist tomorrow.

Thanks for your great product, your help and encouragement, and most of all your kindness. "

Nancy Weiler‎ to Healing Hippie Organics

September 15, 2018

Muscle Mist Review

"Love, love, love this muscle mist, fantastic for nerve and muscle husband and I will never be without it! "

Debbie Sprague to Healing Hippie Organics

Boise, Idaho

October 21, 2018

Multiple Remedy Love!

- Pumpkin Patch, Allergen Buster, Citrus Fruity Twist, Eucalyptus SpearaMist, Muscle Mist, & Zen It...

"These are just a small handful of the Healing Hippie Organics sprays I have left for now, but I have also owned the Lavender Mint, Baby zen, Patchouli Sage Mint, Rosemary Mint, Clean Handz, Chunky Butter...

I have not tried anything that I didn’t absolutely love; they have literally changed my life. My most favorite are the bath salts, you can just rub them or put them in the bath and they are incredibly relaxing.

 Most importantly though, Natasha Noelle's heart is in this brand and the products show it."

Many blessings!💐 -One of your biggest fans!❤️

Steven N Emily Strausz‎ to Healing Hippie Organics

June 27, 2018

Multiple Remedy Love!

"I, too, was introduced to Healing Hippie Organics at the Eagle downtown market.

 What caught my attention to this vendor was her genuine desire to help people with healthy organic products. 

I have bought several mists and body frostings and love each one! 

My daughter had been out of the country for three weeks and the first thing she wanted to do when she got back was to stop by the Eagle Market and visit Natasha and shop her many beautiful products!"

Kathy M.

Boise, Idaho

June 18, 2018

Muscle Mist Review

" I was in Idaho visiting my mom, and we decided to go to the downtown market in Idaho there, and we came across this stand "Healing Hippie" The gal there was the nicest lady, she explained what everything was, and how it worked.

 My mom has RLS, severe sciatica pain, as well as neuropathy due to her diabetes, so we decided to try the muscle mist...

After spraying it on my mom her reply was it was a miracle!

the pain disappeared, and she finally got a good nights sleep! 

We will definitely be purchasing more of this great stuff! 

Thank you so much for helping my mom!! "

Lucy Cantu

June 13, 2018

Zen It! Review

" Zen it!! This little miracle worker helped me CALM DOWN and focus. 

Busted out a research proposal that I had been stressing about AND got rave reviews from my mentor in my topic and writing style. 

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product. "

Michele Oldenburg‎ to Healing Hippie Organics

June 16, 2018

Muscle Mist Review

You need to purchase the Muscle Mist if you experience pain.

 I met the owner at the downtown market in Eagle, Idaho. She is there on Saturdays. 

I have severe sciatica pain that radiates down both legs. I cannot put my feet to the floor after sleeping without excruciating pain.

 I started using the Muscle Mist, and it takes the pain away. 

Now I use it on my feet and legs before sleeping, and I can get out of bed without pain. 

I am so happy to have something that works!!!

 I do not know the owner personally, and I am posting this as my a testimony of my actual experience. This is magical.

Janet Novotny to Healing Hippie Organics

Eagle, Idaho

June 3, 2018

Allergen Buster Review

Started using the Allergen spray and cannot stress how much it has helped me!

 I have not had an issue since I purchased it. I was lucky if I went a day without a sneeze attack. 

Will be purchasing as soon as I’m close to running out 😊

‎Lydia Angelica Luna‎ to Healing Hippie Organics

January 28, 2018

Zen It & Muscle Mist

"About a month ago our family started using the Zen It and the Muscle Mist and we love them!

 I even use them on my 6 and 2 year old on their feet in the morning and before bed. 

We are all much calmer. And the kids get so excited for “spray time.”

 Thank you for all you do and your sweet spirit! 

I just ordered a few more mists and can’t wait to try them too.❤️ "

Steven N Emily S.‎ to Healing Hippie Organics

November 8, 2017

Eucalyptus SpearaMist 

" Our family has been loving the Eucalyptus SpearaMist during this cold & flu season. 

We had horrible coughs for weeks and even after rubbing vicks on our chest we still woke up coughing at night. 

We switched to the mist on our chests and feet and we slept allnight, no coughs! 

We love it!!! "

Nicole Meacham‎ to Healing Hippie Organics

Boise, Idaho

November 1, 2017

Muscle Mist Review

" Thank you again for your wonderful, amazing sprays! 

I just opened a package from you. I also sent one to my mother and a friend. 

My friend used the Muscle Mist as soon as she got it, because she had a headache. 

Her headache was gone in a few minutes! "

Teri Zubia‎ to Healing Hippie Organics

Williston, North Dakota

February 7, 2017

Zen It & Muscle Mist

" Muscle Mist has really helped with my tension headaches when I spray it on my neck.

 It also has helped with the arthritis in my back. 

Zen It really helps with stress I can just feel the release of tension when I use it. "

‎Mary Marquardt‎ to Healing Hippie Organics

Williston, North Dakota

October 27, 2016

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