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Healing Hippie, Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA

Hi!! I'm Natasha the Healing Hippie... This is me at the Eagle Saturday Market. :)

Meet The Founder Of Healing Hippie Organics

First of all, Thank you for visiting today! It is my pleasure to meet you in this happy space, and I am grateful that our path's crossed!


Healing Hippie Organics was born entirely out a need for solutions that I just couldn't find in the market place.

Let me share briefly, what I mean by that.

It was several years ago now, that I found my self completely turned upside down by life events. Stress, anxiety, and total loss of material possessions in terms of  home, and having a safe space for my Son and My self to live from.

I found my self taking 12 pills per day (that's right, 12!) just to cope with the panic attacks from anxiety. If you have ever suffered with stress, or anxiety, I'm sure you can relate to just wanting to be "Better"!

I had always been interested in the health and wellness area, and at that time, I had about 15 years of research below my belt.

I decided that I had to find or create a solution, after all I was about to be a homeless mom of a little boy that needed me to be at my strongest!   (I'll share more on the homeless thing in my blog) 

It was on a cloudy day in February, that I decided to put my knowledge of science and nature together in a remedy that I now call  "Zen It!".  I remember thinking to my self... If I can just get a little bit of relief, or decrease the amount of pills that I was taking, I would be delighted!

Just six short months later, after every day use, I was fully off all of my anxiety, and stress pills! I thought gosh... If this can happen for me, I wonder if there are others out there that I could help. Not only could I share my gift of relief with the world, I could start to get back my confidence that I needed to grow into the next chapter of my life that was presenting itself! 

This has now been 6 years ago, and hundreds of amazing stories,  of healing journey's from our clients; that I am humbled, and honored to share this special opportunity with you and your loved ones! 

If you find your self in pain, or with stress, anxiety, or in a Chapter of life that  I now call Discovery... Finding how strong you really are, and what you're really made of, then I encourage you to join our Healing Hippie Organics Community on Facebook for support, Our Healing Hippie Organics group, on Facebook for a safe space to communicate with our peers, and connect with me on Instagram for our personal journey with Healing Hippie Organics!

It is with a humble heart that I offer the many Healing Hippie Organics Remedies with you and your loved ones. 

Thank  you for taking the time to read this Dreamers Humble start, and I look forward to helping your life in any way that I can. Please feel free to message directly, or ask questions on any of the Healing Hippie Products. I'm here to be of service to humanity, and helping you "Live Life Better"!

Please Note:  All Inquiries are responded to in the order they come through:)

Have a Happy Hippie Day!


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