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Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA
Healing Hippie Combo, Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA

Hippie Delight Combo

What's Included:

1 - Zen It - Stress & Anxiety Relief - Full Chakra Balancing : 8oz Bottle   &

1 - Patchouli Sage Mint - Mind, Body, Soul Calming Blend :  8oz Bottle

If you are a Hippie, or just like embracing your "Inner" Hippie... This Combo is a perfect option for grounding nervous energy, calming your mind, balancing your life, and restoring peace into each of your "Now" Moments. 

Zen It, was designed to assist those who may be wanting to align, and balance all their Chakras. 

Chakras are the energy meridian points in the body. When out of balance or alignment, your whole mood, body, and system can feel "Off". 

By using Zen It, and Patchouli Sage Mint, daily, you will begin to shift out of old dense vibes, and embrace the new that is waiting for you.

Are you an empathic person? Zen It and Patchouli Sage Mint, has been a life saver for me... Especially in crowds. 

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