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Top 3 Ways to Boost your "Inner" Immune system: Covid-19

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If you find your self wondering what else you can do to be healthy during this chapter in life. We have a few great suggestions for you! 

Through my 20 years of studying natural earth remedies, I have found effective solutions to what works for my family, what doesn't. I've come across some favorites that I have on hand all year round, and especially when an outbreak hits.

These are great for all ages, and considered safe for you and your family.

Fresh Orange Juice, Healing Juice, Vitamin C,Healing Hippie Organics,Boise,Idaho

1.  Vitamin C

Vitamin C,  is one of the most important components to include in a healthy diet, and in establishing a powerhouse immune system. It allows our other vitamins, and minerals to absorb properly, and it boosts our natural collagen production; that is the foundation for keeping our skin fresh, vibrant, and wrinkle free! 

Fresh squeezed orange juice is my favorite. I love combining it with fresh lemon, and organic celery! Lemon is also very high in vitamin c, and is highly alkalizing to the digestive tract. Celery, is absolutely a powerhouse veggie, and is known to assist in raising your stomach acid, which in turn kills off bad bacteria, or viruses. 

My family and I, started "Juicing" almost 2 years ago, now, and we have been fortunate to by-pass all cold and flu season's coming through with a clean bill of health all year round! I highly suggest this daily addition to any health regime. 

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2. Elderberry Tea, or fresh Elderberry Syrup

Wild Elderberry Tea, or syrup is my next "go to - must have",  in your healing remedy pantry! I love making it myself, or when the berries are out of season, I support my local farmers market friends, and families! If you don't have a local farmers market, or Co-Op, you can always find elderberry syrup on line. 

Elderberries are extremely high in vitamin c, flavonoids, and virus-fighting proteins. These powerful compounds all work together to boost your immune system, and shield you off from the cold and flu. 

 Another reason to incorporate Elderberries at this time, is for their ability to diminish mucous membranes. 

A key factor in the Covid-19, is how the virus attaches to the mucous membranes in your nasal passage, and then passes to your lungs. 

I have included an easy to do, elderberry tea recipe. I would love to know your thoughts, and how you like it!

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3. Face Steaming or Hot Shower

A good friend of mine, who just happens to be a Chiropractor; suggested face steaming, as a solution to ridding your self of the "germy"  Covid-19 virus. She explained that the virus can get trapped in your nasal passage for up to 48 hours, and that cleansing your nasal passage daily can be extremely helpful, and necessary depending on your field of work.  She is considered "essential" and is seeing patients daily...

If you are more inclined to jump in a hot shower, there is an easy suggestion I can offer. 

Healing Hippie Organics, has a perfect add on to your face steaming session, or your hot shower. Our Eucalyptus SpearaMist is a perfect starter to either selection.  You simply pour it in your hot face steam batch, or mist and inhale directly, and mist your lungs, front and back when you get out of shower.  Peppermint is another great option, as it opens airways and works well with eucalyptus.

Quick Tips on face Steaming: (Always be careful when using hot water, or steam)

1.  Fill a pot, or large glass bowl with steaming hot water. (Boil in kettle, add to bowl/pot)

2.  Add Therapeutic grade Essential oils, like our ready to go eucalyptus spearamist, peppermint, lemon, and rosemary.

3.  Lean your head over the pot or bowl for 10 to 15 minutes with a clean towel over your head.

Enjoy your freshly steamed airways!

Thank you as always for choosing Healing Hippie Organics, as a source for daily wisdom, and helpful tips. Have a Happy Hippie Day!

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