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Top 3 ways to boost your body immunity - CoVID-19

Covid-19, Healing Tea, Healing Hippie Organics,Boise,Idaho

Top 3 ways to boost your Body immunity - CoVID-19

Our bodies are so genius! We are gifted with a wonderful

tool called our immune system! With all the hype about the Covid-19 virus lurking around, what can be done to add additional precaution, and boost your body immunity during this time??

We have a couple suggestions, and please understand that these are our simple day to day remedies, that we share with you. We are not your medical expert, but thought it kind to offer some of our proven daily remedies, that have been extremely beneficial. 

All our tips, are easy to find, to use, and to incorporate. We know that to change, means that the new option must be easy, or it probably won't "stick" as a healthy new option for your life style.

1.  Start to immediately include Ionic Zinc in your water. What is Ionic Zinc??

 Ionic Zinc, is a rich, concentrated liquid dietary supplement that provides zinc in a ionic form- the form most widely recognized by the body. It regulates the immune system, and immune response, there by boosting your bodies natural defense. Always eat your morning breakfast before including Ionic Zinc into your daily routine, and be sure to check the dose suggestions on the label. My favorite one is listed below and can be found on 

Covid-19,ionic zinc,immunity,healing hippie organics, Boise,Idaho

2. Echinacea Tea  or "Flu Remedy Tea"

Another wonderful option you may want to add or consider, is our favorite Flu remedy - Echinacea Tea.

Echinacea in general has several benefits, and that alone is worth including on the daily. Some of my favorite benefits: 

  • It fights the flu.

  • It helps to control blood sugar.

  • Aids healthy cell growth.

  • Reduces risk of breast cancer.

  • Helps manage anxiety.

  • Lowers blood pressure.

  • Reduces inflammation.

It has been shown to greatly support the immune system, and reduces many symptoms of illness. 

Our Echinacea Tea Recipe:

  • 2 unbleached organic Echinacea Tea Bags. (You can use loose tea if your prefer: about 2 TBLS.)

  • 2 - 3 Ginger Slices

  • Juice from 1 fresh lemon - Squeezed

  • 1/2 tsp. organic turmeric power

  • Sprinkle of ground cayenne pepper

  • Double sprinkle of organic cinnamon 

  • 1 Tsp. Raw Local Honey, or (Raw Maple Syrup for Vegan)

Combine your hot water, and ingredients together for a spicy and smokey experience! This flu tea is great all year round, and especially in times of extra viral overloads.

3. Effective Hand Sanitizer

Everyone is familiar with sanitizing our hands, but did you know that most sanitizers kill the GOOD, and the Bad germs?? Our bodies first defense is knowing how to kill germs on contact with our immune system. When we Kill the Good germs, we don't give our body the opportunity to grow strong, and attack the bad germs. 

A good practice is to use your favorite natural soap, and wash more frequently. Then use our favorite Clean Handz Hand Sanitizer by Healing Hippie Organics. 

It is designed to kill the bad germs, while leaving the beneficial. It is 99.9% anti-viral, bacterial, and fungal, and works with you bodies natural response system to keep you healthy! 

Our remedy suggestions are part of the daily routine of goodness that we share from our family to yours. It is wise to always consult with your medical expert, before trying new health options. Be sure to conclude your own research on the above recommended remedies, and enjoy the natural health boosting benefits!

Covid-19,hand sanitizer,clean handz,healing hippie organics,Boise,Idaho
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