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Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA
Room Booster Fire, Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA

How Too Use Room Boosters

Are you Busy, or have a fast paced life, and don't have time, or the desire to figure out how to mix ratio's of essential oils??

You will love the convenience of Room Boosters! They have been designed to use immediately with a convenient hand mister.

They are also Diffuser compatible, and ready to pour & diffuse!

1. Mist generously around all living areas in your home, office or vehicle.

2. For Therapeutic Results: Mist generously into the air and breath in through your nose for 10 seconds (about 3 deep breaths)

3. If Diffusing, lightly mix bottle back and forth, then proceed to pour in your desired amount. You can also add your own additional water to your diffuser if you prefer.

                                                 Enjoy Your Happy Home!

Room Booster: Element : Fire:

With Ylang, Ho Wood, Sweet Orange 8oz Bottle

Room Boosters have been designed to function on many levels.

When used in your home, office or diffuser, they will create a balanced environment.

At Healing Hippie Organics, We like to give you more than you bargain for.

   What does that Mean??

Room Boosters, are carefully crafted to also assist with elevating your mind, body, mood, and over-all joy!

This Room Booster is the Earth element of Fire. So you will want to use this if you are feeling as though you need to boost your MotivationPassion for life, Creativity, and over all zest for life,  for you or your family.

Fire, has a concentration of Ylang Ylang, Ho Wood, Sweet Orange Essential oil, and several complimentary Therapeutic Essential oils, that make this a Mood Boosting Powerhouse!!

Fire carries the energy vibe of the feminine, and is great for those who may be in need of boosting their solar plexus chakra. 

Ylang Ylang is known to bring awareness, confidence, peace, and helps one with self-love. It is a natural energizer, and is great for those who may suffer from fatigue. Ylang has been used to help reduce irritability, and anger, and may relieve depression, bringing a sense of calmness, and joy to any situation. 

Ho Wood is extremely calming, and high in linaloolis, making it excellent for promoting  a peaceful, and relaxing environment. Ho wood has a woodsy camphorous essence, and is used to alleviate stress and anxiety in the brain. Ho wood has long been recognized for it's effectiveness in allowing one's soul to heal, promoting a new outlook on life, and prompting one to start new chapters, and move forward in life. 

Sweet Orange is a powerhouse, that is known to assist in boosting the immune system, while relaxing the nervous system! It is a natural antiseptic by nature, and has been used for decades to purify, detox, and inhibit microbial growth.  Sweet orange is also a great gift, in that is creates a happy, relaxed feeling in the body, and promotes joy, while booting your mood. 

We have included several other complimentary Therapeutic essential oils that assist in bolstering the overall balance of this fierce blend. It feels like walking through a blossom field that is uplifting, yet woodsy at the same time. Truly a great over-all home booster!

Our Room Boosters are Hand Brewed to perfection with an infusion of 84 trace minerals, Organic Cold-Pressed Aloe Vera, Pure witch Hazel, and 100% Therapeutic Grade GC/MS Tested Essential oils!

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