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Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA
Puppy Zen! Healing Hippie Orgniacs, Boise, Idaho, USA

Puppy Zen!  All in One - Bug Zapper - Doggie Zen  &  In-between Bath for Dogs : 8oz Bottle

Puppy Zen is our Dog Safe synergy essential oil blend, designed to keep your furry family friend comfortable all year long!

Puppy Zen is designed to assist with keeping pesky flees, ticks & mosquitoes away, while nourishing their Fur/Dog Coat.

Puppy Zen is the "In-Between" Bath for your Puppy or Dog. It assists with keeping the smell of your dog coat fresh and clean.

Our Therapeutic Grade Essential oil blend has been shown to assist in calming a Hyper puppy or dog, as well as bringing a sense of serenity to their daily life. Some pet owner's even say it helps their furry mate fall asleep faster!

Puppy Zen may also assist your dog with joint pain, and has been reported back to Healing Hippie Organics, that pet owners could sense relief for their dogs that may be older, and suffering from chronic pain.

Puppy Zen has been designed to care for your furry family members, and is carefully brewed by hand in small batches, with steam distilled, 100% Therapeutic Grade GC/MS tested essential oils, 84 trace minerals, organic, aloe vera,  and pure witch hazel. 

 Included in Puppy Zens proprietary blend of essential oils,  is  lemongrass, lavender, and calming cedar wood, sourced  from Texas. 

Our Puppy Zen Brew includes:

Witch Hazel, Organic Aloe Vera, Pink Earth Himalayan Rock Salts, 100% Pet Approved, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Vegan (food grade) Botanical Glycerine (Essential Oil Preservative) and Steam Distilled Purified, Ozonated, Water as the Base of our Hand crafted Sole.

How Too:

Use Puppy Zen

1.  Lightly Mist Top of head to Tail as your Furry Friend is outdoors, or just about to come in from the elements.

2.  Mist on Dog Beds, on toys, or their home area.

3.  Diffuse your Puppy Zen for your pet to inhale directly.

4.  For Pain, See Dog Diagram for color coded areas of suggested use.

Note: It is always wise to do a test spot on your Furry Family Member as All Dog Breeds are Unique. Puppy Zen Was Designed with that in mind, and made with 100% Love for Our Furry Friends!

Puppy Zen Instructions, Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA
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