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 Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA
Lavender Mint Mist, Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA

Lavender Mint - Mind - Body - Soul- Calming Aromatherapy Blend :  

8oz Bottle

Our Lavender Mint is designed with a robust French Lavender and Powerful Peppermint. It is great for stimulating a calm, and peaceful environment!

Lavender Mint is created with a highly concentrated, 100% Therapeutic grade, steam distilled - GC/MS Tested essential oils, 84 trace minerals, organic, aloe vera, and pure witch hazel. 

It is a subtle mood enhancer, and works fabulous for relieving anxiety, stress, and promoting a restful night sleep!

Pure Peppermint is a highly stimulating for the nerves in the brain, and acts as a passage for lavender to calm your mind, body, and soul! 

The aroma of Lavender Mint, can enhance concentration, and relieves headaches due to stress. Great for using when your home, or office is in need of a soothing Boost!

French Lavender is known to assist with over 300 different functions for our minds, and bodies, and is famous for instant stress relief.

This combination is powerful, and great for misting on pillows and linens, as they work great at keeping dust mites, and bugs out of your bed!

Lavender Mint May Also Assist with:

ADHD Support (Spritz on your Child's shirt before study time) Reduce Hunger craving before bedtime, by inhaling mist directly through nose.

Anti-Itch Relief- Cool and sooth any itch by misting directly on the affected area. *If Skin is sentitive, use a carrier oil such as coconut.

Lavender Mint may Reduce Nausea, and motion sickness (Especially when traveling) First by spritzing behind ears, and second Mist into hands and cup nose, inhale until symptoms release.

Opens Airways and acts as a decongestant.

Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA

How Too:

Use Lavender Mint Mist

1.  Mist and inhale directly through the nose for 10 seconds, about 3 deep breaths.

2.  Mist directly behind ears, on throat , wrists, stomach, and feet for best therapeutic results.

3.  Mist in any area of home, on pillows, linens, or clothing. 

4. Can be or used topically on skin to relieve itchy skin, from bug bites, or any other reason your skin may itch!

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