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Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho
Citrus Fruity Twist Mist, Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA

Citrus Fruity Twist Mist - Metabolism & Joy Booster - Aromatherapy Blend

Citrus Fruity Twist , is a refreshing "Citrusy" delight, with exotic fruitful connotations of Lime, Pink Grapefruit, and tangerine! It is uplifting for  Mind, Body, and Soul! 

Our natural, and Pure Citrus fruity twist mist  smells like "Skittles" or a Rainbow, and feels like sunshine on your face! Perfect for a cloudy day, or seasonal depression.

It is a powerhouse of Citrus and Minerals, and is hand brewed in small batches with a concentrate of  steam distilled, 100% Therapeutic Grade GC/MS tested essential oils, 84 trace minerals, organic aloe vera, andpure witch hazel.

 Citrus fruity twist mist offers beneficial therapeutic results for your metabolism, and works deep in the limbic region of the brain to ward off food cravings. It has been shown in food studies, that we eat with our nose before ingesting the actual food. Citrus essential oils have been shown to work with our brain in having that "Full" Feeling. 

This isn't to say you shouldn't eat when your body prompts you... simply that you bring your attention to ingesting a healthier option with the boost of Citrus fruity twist mist. 

Another great way to use Citrus Fruity Twist Mist in your everyday life, is for promoting joy, and boosting your happiness feelings! This remedy is a fabulous selection for you, or your Teen that is going through Hormonal imbalances!

This proprietary Essential oil blend has been perfected to enhance your Mood, as well as bringing a sense of calm to any situation! Use daily for best results.

Common Uses:

Relieves anger, Seasonal Depression, Fatigue, Curbs appetite, Hormone imbalances, especially related to the skin. Promotes Well being, and an optimistic attitude, relieves nervousness, promotes focus, clarity, and memory. Restorative on a cellular level

Used for Hangovers, Stimulates sympathetic Nervous System, Settles emotions, and promotes balance.

Great "Pick Me up" Mist for the Mid-Afternoon "Slump"

Healing Hippie Organics, Boise, Idaho, USA

How Too:

Use Citrus Fruity Twist Mist

1.  Mist & Inhale Directly through Nose for 10 seconds, about 3 deep breaths

2.  Mist Forehead, Wrists, Behind Ears, Throat, on Stomach. 

Makes a great home air purifier as well! Mist Everywhere!

Note: DO Not Ingest through Mouth. While our remedies are pure, and made with 100 % Therapeutic Grade GC/MS Tested Essential oils, they are not intended for ingestion. 

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